Under Armour spotlight: Adam Breneman 

January, 2, 2013
Adam Breneman, ESPN's top-rated tight end, has been one of Penn State's most vocal supporters ever since he committed March 9.

Adam Breneman
Jared Shanker/ESPN.comAdam Breneman has become the face of Penn State's 2013 recruiting class.
He's also been one of the Nittany Lions' most talked-about recruits. Bill O'Brien twice had to deflect questions about Breneman on his weekly radio show -- and he already has nearly as many Twitter followers (10,355) as Matt McGloin (12,710).

Some campers in Nittanyville already called him their favorite player, and his attitude's a big reason why. He helped raise more than $80,000 for Project ALS, which helps find a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease, and he's a high-character recruit.
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