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Friday, May 10, 2013
OSU Mailbag: All about the quarterbacks

By Brad Bournival

It’s time to dip into the BuckeyeNation recruiting mailbag and answer some of your questions.

We’ll try to give everyone a chance to get their questions answered.

We encourage you to send your questions by Twitter at @bbournival, by e-mail at or by posting a question in the Horseshoe Pit forum. Between Zack Darlington, Kyle Allen, and Brandon Harris, who do you think Ohio State is mostly likely to get and who do you think would be the best fit if the Buckeyes had to pick?

Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen reminds Urban Meyer of Alex Smith and could give the Buckeyes an elite passing element out of the spread.
BuckeyeNation: All three are starting to blow up as the evaluation period rolls on, but for my money I like Allen right now. Harris is starting to get a ton of interest from teams down south, especially Alabama and LSU -- who recently offered -- so it might be tougher to get him now than it was a week ago. Darlington is an interesting choice, but I think they like Allen the best. He showed off what he had at the Chicago Elite 11 Regional and NFTC. He’s exactly what college coaches are looking for in a quarterback.

@darkknight1093: Harris, Allen and Darlington all got offers. Drew Barker did not. What did the staff see in those three that they didn’t in Barker?

BN: I asked a few experts about this one because he impressed me when I saw him. The answer -- as strange as it sounds -- was mobility. That sounds strange because he ran for 1,570 yards and 22 touchdowns last season. Those polled said the offense he is in is geared to put up numbers like that, but if you look at Harris and Darlington, they are much faster than Barker, who I think is a very good quarterback. Keep in mind, Ohio State saw him on a number of occasions, so the Buckeyes knew exactly what he brought to the table.

Brutus676767: Why isn’t Urban Meyer and Co. offering DeShone Kizer? There’s no doubt Deshaun Watson is the “blue chip” quarterback, but are the other three that much more superior to Kizer?

BN: As much as I am a fan of Kizer, consistency might be the issue with the sixth-ranked dual-threat quarterback in the nation. The 6-foot-5, 208-pound Kizer certainly has a cannon for an arm, but sometimes it’s too wild. He had a chance to impress Ohio State brass both at the Friday Night Lights camp and in the Division II state championship game, but must not have done enough then to garner the offer.

Buckeyefan686: Meyer usually favors fairly mobile quarterbacks. What would be the plan with a guy like Allen, or is he more mobile than his stats imply?

BN: As Meyer stated to Allen himself, the Arizona product is more along the lines of Alex Smith, and that’s a very good thing. There’s a misconception that he can’t move, but that’s because his pocket presence is off the charts. Allen can run if need be, but is that pocket quarterback Meyer craves. With Allen in the shotgun, he could run the spread offense incredibly and make things fun to watch. Remember, Meyer is all about rolling as many weapons on the field and looking for the mismatch. Allen would excel there.