Campers looking to SPARQ interest 

February, 15, 2013
It’s a good bet Ohio State coaches will be burning up cyberspace this weekend as they read all about some of the big combines that take place during President’s Day weekend.

[+] EnlargeFerns
Jared ShankerWatch List linebacker Michael Ferns, a 2014 Michigan commit, is among the athletes expected at Massillon on Saturday.
From the Core 6 Showcase on Sunday to the Best of the Midwest Combine on Monday, there will be some big names hitting camps in an effort to get noticed.

It all starts Saturday in Massillon, Ohio, however, where football is considered a 365-day sport.

In the shadows of a place where Paul Brown and Earle Bruce once coached the Massillon Tigers, some of the more well known athletes will file into the Paul L. David Athletic Training Center to do work at the SPARQ Combine.

It’s an 80,000-square foot facility -- 20,000 square feet larger than the Cleveland Browns' facility, incidentally -- that cost $3 million to build.

While the facility is impressive in and of itself, so are the players headed out to Massillon this weekend.

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