Freshman QB phenom ready for circus 

September, 9, 2013
Danny ClarkBrad Bournival/ESPNCollege attention is already evident for Danny Clark of Massillon, Ohio, one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2017 class.
Danny Clark (Massillon, Ohio/Washington) should be scared, but he's not.

He's a varsity starting quarterback as a freshman, but he's not fazed.

He plays his home games in a stadium that seats 16,600, a facility that has signs everywhere celebrating its 22 state championships. Massillon is where Chris Spielman, Justin Zwick, Devin Smith and Willie Spencer played, where Paul Brown and Earle Bruce coached. Harry Stuhldreher -- one of the famed Notre Dame four horsemen -- was a Tiger before he played for the Fighting Irish.

None of that frightens him, either.

OK, then. Let's add the fact he's the first freshman nonkicker to ever start for the Tigers, according to Massillon historians. Then let's put his debut on television on a statewide cable network.

Still not just a bit frightened, Danny?

"I’m not thinking about all the other stuff,” Clark said. “I know we have to win; we can’t let this town down. If I do what I’m taught to do, we’ll win every game.

“I don’t like to think about the pressure. One of the biggest things was staying calm and not letting the stadium, the lights and the fans get to me. When I’m out here I feel like I’m with my brothers. It means the world to me.”

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