Yellow streak: Flags still bother Buckeyes

September, 22, 2012
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State wasn't the most penalized team on the field.

But what the Buckeyes may have lacked in total calls against them or yardage stepped off, they made up for with bad timing.

Urban Meyer's irritation with the flags his team has drawn this season won't vanish after the 29-15 win over UAB on Saturday, particularly because four of the infractions directly led to first downs that extended drives.

"I didn't see -- was the one for taunting?" Meyer said. "Which is more stressful [passive defense or penalties]? They're both awful, and we've got to get them fixed."

The lack of aggression on defense that Meyer was bemoaning might not have been as troubling without the penalties that kept the unit on the field, including one that came on special teams for running into the punter early in the game.

But it was a pair of personal fouls that were particularly bothersome, mostly Christian Bryant's taunting penalty on a late third down with the outcome still up for grabs. The Blazers ultimately missed a field goal after getting the second chance, though that won't make it any more palatable for Meyer moving forward.

"There's too many [concerns]," Meyer said. "We have to be better in all three phases."

Austin Ward | email

Ohio State/Big Ten reporter



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