Oregon recruiting by state: Nevada 

November, 6, 2012
One of the more remarkable things about the steady rise the Oregon football program is that its home state is never going to be the place from which they stock their roster with talented recruits.

The Ducks have never had the benefit of loading up on local players who grew up dreaming of playing for the them. The talent level just isn't there. The truth is, it likely never will be. The Ducks have always recruited California as well as they can be expected to. In recent years, the Ducks have done a great job of going into states such as Texas and Arizona to secure commitments from some of the state's top players.

Aside from those three, there are other states in the West that produce BCS level players every year. The difference is the numbers aren't there, so coaching staffs must work to uncover some diamonds in the rough.
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