Oregon Ducks mailbag 

November, 2, 2012
The Oregon Ducks travel this weekend to Los Angeles to take on the USC Trojans in a match-up that has lost some of its luster nationally but remains the premier game in the Pac-12 this season. There will be many eyes on the game nationwide, including, most importantly, the eyes of some of the top recruits in the nation. The game is still a day away, so we'll go ahead and open up the mailbag in order to occupy the minds of fans everywhere as they wait for Saturday afternoon's game.

Tom M (Sandy, Ore.): Is there a chance the Ducks could get left out of the national championship game even if they go undefeated? Would another Rose Bowl win satisfy the fans and, more importantly, recruits?

DuckNation: There is a chance it could happen. Stanford will have at least two -- potentially three or four -- losses by the time it heads to Eugene. Oregon State will have at least one -- maybe two or three -- by the time the Civil War comes around. Should the winner in the OSU-Stanford game maintain its loss total, it would have a positive result for the Ducks in the computers. If either team wins out by the time they play the Ducks, they should be a top-10 or top-12 team.
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