Oregon offensive linemen featured in photos for 'sexy calendar'

The beefcakes are back and better than ever in Eugene.

The Oregon Ducks' offensive linemen have once again been featured in a series of "modeling" photos.

The group approached photographers Ryan Kang and Taylor Wilder last year about shooting images for a "sexy calendar," according to Kang's Instagram account. Though the calendar never made it to production, Kang released the photos Thursday. As you might guess, the images are rather eye-catching.

Among the highlights: nine players -- one sporting a laurel crown -- draped in togas and feeding each other grapes; a lumberjack ensemble featuring a chainsaw, an axe and a shirtless, suspenders-clad center preparing to hike a log; and a pool party complete with inflatable tubes, boogie boards and fishing gear. You can see all 12 photos here.

Perhaps the Ducks road-graders were inspired by the 2008 O-line, which took part in a similar production. That group drew plenty of attention, so much so that the players had to turn the focus away from their calendar and back to football.

We can only imagine this new round of snapshots will attract similar fanfare.