How wins and losses by top-10 teams could impact Oregon

It was a great weekend for Oregon to be sitting at home on its couch considering how rough it was to be a top-10 team actually playing this weekend.

The Ducks could manage to sneak into the top spot when the College Football Committee rankings are released on Tuesday night considering the crazy shake-ups and disappointing wins that plagued the top 10 this past weekend.

But there is a chance that the Ducks won't move into that top spot. The rankings are in constant flux, and the determinants are always changing. To keep you up to date at the possibilities of which teams' wins and losses could impact Oregon, here is a brief look around the top 10.

No. 1 Mississippi State lost to No. 5 Alabama: Mississippi State will drop. The question is: Will it be Oregon that moves into the top spot? Depends what the committee decides to place importance upon. Does taking down a No. 1 team make you the No. 1 team? If so, maybe Alabama jumps up to the No. 1 spot. Or does FSU, with an unimpressive win (which we will get to) trump an Oregon team that didn't even play this last weekend? This will be interesting to watch. These kinds of decisions can give us brief looks into what exactly the committee believes is most important.

No. 2 Oregon -- bye

No. 3 FSU beat unranked Miami, 30-26: FSU had to score 20 second-half points to avoid a loss. The Noles are undefeated, so congrats to them for that. They have two wins against teams that are currently in the top 25 -- No. 19 Clemson and No. 18 Notre Dame -- but come Tuesday both could be unranked as Notre Dame lost to Northwestern and Clemson lost to No. 22 Georgia Tech. They probably don't deserve to be in the top spot, but if the committee chooses to place importance on being undefeated or showing grit in comeback wins (FSU has a habit of getting down early so it can mount a lovely second-half comeback) then the Seminoles could find their way to No. 1.

No. 4 TCU beat unranked Kansas, 34-30: Like FSU, TCU had to put together a second-half comeback to beat an unranked team. C'mon top 4, you're supposed to be the best. Not the best second-half teams. But again, if the committee decides to place importance on teams that show they can pull it together and win late in games, then maybe TCU could move up. Like Oregon, the Horned Frogs have just one loss. TCU has two wins against teams currently ranked in the top 25 -- No. 25 Minnesota (though the Gophers will likely drop out after their loss this weekend to Ohio State) and No. 13 Kansas State (on a bye this weekend).

No. 6 Arizona State lost to unranked Oregon State, 35-27: Buh bye, Sun Devils. It was great while it lasted. Won't be surprising to see Arizona State drop out of the top 10 after losing on the road to an unranked team that had lost four in a row. This isn't great news for the Pac-12, so it only increases the importance for Oregon to carry the conference's banner moving forward.

No. 7 Baylor -- bye

No. 8 Ohio State beat No. 25 Minnesota, 31-24: It wouldn't be surprising to see the Buckeyes jump into the top 5. They won on the road and continue to get better as quarterback J.T. Barrett finds his footing in Urban Meyer's offense. Duck fans are going to want to keep an eye on this team out of the Big Ten. If anything goes wonky, it could be the Big Ten and Pac-12 fighting for that fourth spot, in which case it would be a Buckeyes-Ducks battle. However, this could also be a matchup (and a fun one at that) we could see in one of the semifinals. Either way, Ducks fans, keep your eyes and ears on Ohio State. It's a team to know.

No. 9 Auburn lost to No. 15 Georgia, 34-7: Auburn will drop a few spots, which is good news for Oregon. The SEC West struggling is beneficial to the Ducks.

No. 10 Ole Miss -- bye