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Friday, June 14, 2013
Sooner Intel: Recruiting news and notes

By Bob Przybylo

Every Friday, SoonerNation releases the Sooner Intel, a sneak peek inside Oklahoma Sooners football recruiting with news and notes on the latest happenings around the program. Talk about it on our forum. A few things discussed in this week's update:

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Todd 100 percent with Sooners

OU has already had one four-star wide receiver decommit in its 2014 class so the Sooners are doing everything they can to make sure that doesn’t happen again with Dallis Todd (La Mirada, Calif./La Mirada).

Todd said OU coaches visited him three times during the spring evaluation period. It didn't go unnoticed by Todd.

Dallis Todd
Receiver Dallis Todd said he's 100 percent with the Sooners and isn't visiting other schools.
“It means a lot to me that they’ve kept coming here,” Todd said. “It shows, to me, how big of a prospect I am to them.”

Todd just isn’t high on OU’s board, though, and that’s the concern when you’re more than 1,000 miles away. Coincidentally, it actually hasn’t been the local schools that have stayed in hot pursuit of Todd.

He said Nebraska, Ole Miss, Notre Dame and Alabama keep trying to get him to visit. As politely as he can, Todd has declined.

“It is really hard to say thanks but no thanks, but it’s something I have to do,” Todd said. “These are some great schools so it can be hard. But I’m 100 percent committed to OU.”

Todd visited OU for the spring game two months ago. After getting back home, he talked with his family and pledged to the Sooners. Some of that was based on the immediate bond he built with OU quarterback commit and ESPN 150 prospect Justice Hansen (Edmond, Okla./Santa Fe).

Following Todd’s commitment, he talked to Hansen every day. That has tailed off a bit, but Todd said he still talks to Hansen multiple times per week.

Wide receivers coach Jay Norvell and tight ends coach Jay Boulware are different. Todd said he talks to them if not every day then at least every other day in one way or another.

“I talk with Coach Norvell just about every day,” Todd said. “He said he would always be there for me whether it was football or something else. We’ve really built that relationship since I committed.”

The other thing good to know for OU fans is there haven’t been any second thoughts. At no point, Todd said, has he reconsidered his decision or thought he made an impulsive choice.

“I’m fine. My parents are fine. They’re buying all the OU gear they can,” Todd said. “I feel like I fell in love on the visit and know I’ll be there.”

And he’ll be there sooner than most. The plan remains for Todd to graduate in December so he can be on campus in January.

Glenn the next OU commit?

It really doesn’t feel like a question mark is necessary for this headline. As soon as Irving (Texas) Ranchview defensive tackle Brandon Glenn earned an OU offer on Tuesday, it has felt like a countdown to his commitment.

That countdown was accelerated when he said he will visit the campus Friday and make a decision. Heck, he might make his decision before this is released Friday morning.

Everything has come together for OU and Glenn. The only school really posing a threat to the Sooners is Texas Tech. So why wait until Friday?

“I just want to compare the schools,” Glenn said. “I love the OU coaches and like the Tech coaches. OU is probably going to win, but I want to see things again.”

Glenn got an abbreviated tour of the campus following a morning session at OU’s camp two weeks ago but wants to see everything about the campus this time around.

Once he does, everything should be good to go for OU to land its first defensive line commit for the 2014 class.

Scales surprised by OU offer

Cincinnati Colerain linebacker Tegray Scales was headed to visit Indiana when his head coach let him know he should call OU linebackers coach Tim Kish on Tuesday.

The message caught Scales by complete surprise considering he had never talked to Kish before in his life. But 10 minutes later, he had an OU offer.

The only OU coach that had contact with Scales before this week was offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh when he made his trip through Ohio.

“This means a lot,” Scales said. “It definitely makes my decision a lot harder. I was shocked by the offer, but I’m excited.”

Scales said he has no favorites at this time and is simply attending local camps to get a better feel of the coaches. He said he doesn’t plan on participating at any of the camps. He has been to Ohio, Indiana, Akron and Bowling Green this week.

Scales doesn’t think he’ll be able to make it to OU this summer, but he said he hopes to make an official visit this fall.

“I know I want to visit West Virginia, Wisconsin and definitely OU,” Scales said. “I don’t know much about OU, but I know they’re a top school. I’m going to start doing a lot of research on them.”

Some recruits don’t know exactly what they’re looking for in a school. Scales isn’t one of them. He has a list of three things, and it’s pretty concrete.

“Distance, but it’s not that big. But I want my parents to be able to see me play at least a couple of times,” Scales said. “Then it’s about how I fit into the defense and my major. I want to major in sports management or something like that.”

Scales is being recruited as an outside linebacker, but he said he can play anywhere.

“I think my biggest strength is how balanced I am,” Scales said. “I hustle all the way around no matter what. I can learn whatever I need to learn.”

Storey taking things in stride

There certainly was a lack of buzz surrounding quarterbacks at OU’s camps this summer. But one prospects to remember is Charleston (Ark.) High’s Ty Storey, a Class of 2015 prospect.

Storey was there for OU’s one-day camp and was the best quarterback on the field that day. He went from OU to Alabama and earned an offer from the Crimson Tide. From Alabama to Auburn and another offer.

From Auburn to Georgia to Oklahoma State, safe to say it has been a busy two weeks for Storey, who said he will conclude his whirlwind tour with an unofficial visit to Arkansas.

Ty Storey
Class of 2015 quarterback Ty Storey isn't worried about not receiving an offer from the Sooners.
He entered the camp season with offers from Arkansas State and Nevada. But having Alabama and Auburn offers hasn’t really changed his outlook.

“I knew Bama had interest in me so it wasn’t that shocking,” Storey. “It’s great, but I’m not about to make a decision anytime soon. I’ll wait to see what offers I have heading into my senior season and go from there.”

Storey and OU quarterbacks coach Josh Heupel have gotten familiar with each other. Storey said he camped at OU last year and also took an unofficial visit to campus for the Baylor game last season.

Not getting an offer from the Sooners at this point doesn’t hurt at all, said Storey.

“It’s not an issue,” Storey said. “I know that’s now how Coach Heupel works. He doesn’t make a lot of early offers at all. I enjoyed the atmosphere last year, and it was good to be back.

“It was only a few hours, but he did help me. He helped a lot with my drops. I’m more of a shotgun quarterback so he gave me a lot of good tips on my drops.”

Though he has grown up in Arkansas, the Razorbacks are from the childhood dream of Storey. He said he grew up a fan but not a diehard fan. All that will matter in picking a college is wherever he fits best.

Storey said he doesn’t expect to keep in touch with Heupel for the next couple of months, but Heupel said he would get in touch again during his junior season.

“It’s a good feeling the way things are going right now,” Storey said. “Camps are great, but I’m about being on the field. I think my biggest strength is being the coach on the field and directing everybody. It’s different in a camp setting.”

Smith takes road less traveled to OU camp

A lot of recruits have unique stories about how they got to camp. But few can compare to what Berryhill (Okla.) High tight end Jeremy Smith went through.

Smith was there on time Sunday morning for the one-day camp. The camp itself was the easiest part of a crazy 24-hour period for Smith and his father.

“We drove down there the night before but everything was full,” Smith said. “We were told because of the Women’s College World Series, all the hotels in the area were full. My dad called the operator and they said all hotels were booked within a 60-mile radius.”

So what did Smith and his father do?

“We got there at 11 p.m. and looked around,” Smith said. “At 1 a.m., I said I have to get some sleep. We drove like 4-5 blocks away from campus and slept in an apartment parking lot.

“I didn’t go to bed until like 3 a.m. I had my helmet and pads in the backseat so I couldn’t really recline or anything like that.”

Smith was ready to go at 6:30 a.m. Scared he would oversleep, he woke up extra early Sunday morning but said he never felt tired the whole day.

His performance backs that up. That was the first time SoonerNation has seen him, and it’s easy to see why Tulsa, Memphis and Colorado State have offered.

OU first took an interest in the spring as defensive coordinator Mike Stoops stopped by. But the second visit was from tight ends coach Jay Boulware as there was the shift from being viewed at defensive end to now being a tight end.

Smith said he’s comfortable at tight end and with his camp outing.

“I was pretty satisfied,” Smith said. “I know there are still a couple of things I need to work on. I tried to call Coach Boulware last week, but he was busy. I’m definitely hoping to build my relationship with him more.”

Smith said it has been a long time since he has seen an OU game, citing the red-white game when he was in third grade as the last time. He hopes that can change.

“That’s the team to play for if you live here,” Smith said. “The majority of people love OU. I would love to get a chance to see the campus again.”

Igbinoba the answer at fullback?

At the satellite camp in Carrollton, Texas, OU offered a couple of prospects in the secondary and might have found an answer at fullback.

Richardson (Texas) High athlete Kendrick Igbinoba was able to attend the camp and got a lot of one-on-one time with running backs coach Cale Gundy.

But he couldn’t get an offer.

“I talked to Coach Gundy to see where I stand with OU, but the problem was he wanted to see me as a blocker,” Igbinoba said. “Since it wasn’t a padded camp, that was tough. I wanted to show up the other week for the camp but couldn’t make it.”

Igbinoba has offers from Oregon State, New Mexico and UTEP and has been busy on the camp circuit, including a stop at Arkansas earlier this week.

He said Gundy envisions him as the next Trey Millard, which is something Igbinoba could definitely get used to.

“He wanted me to watch some of Trey Millard’s highlights, and I saw he didn’t just block the whole game,” Igbinoba said. "He said I could be just like that.”

Igbinoba said he grew up a huge Texas fan but that has sort of gone away as time has gone on. He said he feels like OU’s offense is a better fit for his game. Coaching staff is going to be pivotal for Igbinoba, and OU is sitting pretty in that department.

“If I can see myself in their offense and with their coaching staff, it’s a big factor,” Igbinoba said. “OU’s staff is really experienced and one of the best staffs in the country. I got to talk to Coach Heupel a bit Saturday, and I’m excited.”

Brailford not dwelling on non-offer

Tulsa (Okla.) Booker T. Washington defensive end Jordan Brailford came to OU’s camp for one reason and that was to get an offer.

He didn’t disappoint at OU’s one-day camp. And though the coaches asked him to stay and talked to him longer, the offer didn’t come his way.

“I’m OK with it,” Brailford said. “It’s not what I expected, but I did what I had to do. I was expecting an offer, not going to lie. I felt like I beat everybody I went up against.”

It has been a great spring for Brailford, picking up offers from Kansas State, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. A lot of people felt the OU one was going to come two weeks ago.

Despite not having the offer, it was a positive experience for Brailford who learned where he stands with the OU coaches.

“They said they still want to recruit me,” Brailford said. “They said I have a lot of raw talent and there’s still a great chance for a scholarship.”

Brailford went from OU’s camp to OSU’s camp but reiterated that he has no desire to commit anywhere. Even if the OU offer was there, Brailford said he wasn’t going to commit immediately.

The camp was a chance to get to work with defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery.

“It was good. They gave me a lot of technical stuff to work on,” Brailford said. “Physically I did everything I could and beat everybody, I thought. He gave a lot of good advice. They were impressed with how much bigger and faster I’ve gotten. They know I can put on the weight for them.”

Dunning building OU bond

It didn’t take long to spot Justin Dunning (Whitehouse, Texas/Whitehouse) at OU’s satellite camp on Saturday.

Just follow the coaches. OU coaches Jay Norvell, Bobby Jack Wright and Mike Stoops were practically attached at the hip with Dunning, a Class of 2015 safety who earned an offer following the camp.

Justin Dunning
Class of 2015 safety Justin Dunning picked up Texas A&M and OU offers over the weekend.
Dunning was impressive at the camp, and it came as a shock to nobody that he earned the offer. But the process to getting to the camp might have been a little surprising.

“OU hadn’t really been talking to me that much, but I really wanted to know more about the school,” Dunning said. “They told me I could come to the camp so that’s something I definitely wanted to do.”

The suitors are going to be long for Dunning. A day after the OU offer, Dunning did the same thing at Texas A&M’s camp and earned an offer from the Aggies.

He was nicknamed “Red” by Norvell because of his reddish hair, and he ran a hand-timed 4.4 in the 40-yard dash at OU’s camp.

Larue still in the mix

Dallas Bishop Dunne is loaded with top recruits, but defensive back Ronnie Larue has been left out of the conversation.

Larue has an offer from Houston Baptist, but he’s looking for more. Larue has had solid camps at both OU last week and Texas two weeks ago.

“I feel like I’m doing well,” Larue said. “I had one bad rep today, but other than that, I was very pleased with how everything went.”

Larue visited OU for junior day in March but said he would not return to campus until the Sooners paid more attention. Mike Stoops stopped by Dallas Bishop Dunne to look at Larue, Payton Hendrix, Nick Watkins and Jovan Pruitt. Stoops asked Larue to show up for the camp.

Following the camp, he didn’t get an OU offer, but he did have a nice talk with Stoops.

“He told me I did a good job,” Larue said. “I can only worry about things I can control, but I’m feeling pretty good about things.”

Carrollton camp a success

There's no other way to look at the Carrollton, Texas, satellite camp than as a big success. Not even from an offer standpoint. Grand Prairie (Texas) South Grand Prairie defensive back Jason Hall might switch from Nebraska to Texas. And getting Dunning won’t be decided just from a satellite camp.

But getting face time with a couple of top targets was key. When looking at the Class of 2014, it was a good sign for defensive end Grant Blankenship (The Colony, Texas/The Colony) to show up even if he didn’t participate.

Blankenship has OU squarely among his favorites, and OU coaches Jerry Montgomery, Bob Stoops and Mike Stoops spent as much time with him as they could.

A commitment might be a ways away at this point, but it was good to get one-on-one time again.

And in the Class of 2015, it was huge to have Plano (Texas) East running back Soso Jamabo attend the camp. Before even walking into the stadium, OU coaches Bob Stoops, Cale Gundy and Tim Kish were talking with Jamabo.

He spent most of the camp talking with Gundy and watching the running backs. Following the event, it was Gundy, Bob Stoops and Josh Heupel all talking with Jamabo, who is one of OU’s only running back offers for the class.

Commitments didn’t happen at the camp but quality work was put in, and that’s why it hurt so much for the Houston camp to be canceled. It’s not about watching 2015 kids like Deionte Thompson (Orange, Texas/West Orange Stark) or linebacker Cameron Townsend (Missouri City, Texas/Ridge Point) work out.

Thompson, an Alabama commit, earned the OU offer anyway on Wednesday. But it was a chance to build the relationship early in hopes of it helping down the road.