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Thursday, May 23, 2013
Q&A: 2014 Okla. DB Alfonzo McMillian

By Bob Przybylo

Oklahoma City Millwood hasn’t been too kind to Oklahoma. For one reason or another, the top prospects from the tradition-rich school usually don’t become Sooners. When Josh Turner was the No. 1 prospect in the state in the Class of 2011, he chose Texas.

The Class of 2014 looks like another strong year from Oklahoma City Millwood. Wide receiver Cameron Batson is already committed to Texas Tech, and schools are starting to take notice of defensive back Alfonzo McMillian.

OU defensive coordinator Mike Stoops was one of those coaches who made the trek to practice last week to get a look at the 5-foot-11, 184-pound safety.

Alfonzo McMillian
In-state defensive back Alfonzo McMillian is hearing from a few schools but hasn't been offered yet.
SoonerNation: A lot of college coaches are coming to town. You're dealing with a new coach. What’s this spring been like?

Alfonzo McMillian: I knew our coach was going to leave, but I didn’t know when. I thought it would be after this year. I had no idea it would be like two weeks ago. It’s definitely a little different right now.

SN: What schools have shown some early interest?

McMillian: OSU [Oklahoma State] came by. Oregon State was here. Tulsa has been watching me. OU was here. Coach Mike Stoops was here, but he left before practice was over so I didn’t get a chance to talk with him.

SN: What’s the biggest difference with your game now compared to where you were at the end of last season?

McMillian: So much has changed. I’ve matured a lot and gotten bigger and faster. I was taught a lot of fundamentals at spring camp, and it has tightened my stance. I’m just trying to work on my overall game.

SN: Schools see you as cornerback or safety or a combination of both?

McMillian: Schools see me as both. Some see me at corner. Some see me at safety. I’m learning a lot about safety this year. It’s not too different than cornerback really. You just have to read the field a lot more.

SN: We’re getting close to summer camp season. Any camps that you know you will attend?

McMillian: I know I’m definitely going to OSU’s camp on June 8. I’m going to try to make it to others, but I don’t when or where.

SN: Do you have a favorite?

McMillian: When I was little, I liked OU a lot. I like OSU a lot. A big thing for me will be the business program. I want to be an accountant and plan on being there all four years. A school with a good business program is going to mean a lot.