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Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Hatari Byrd TweetChat

By Bob Przybylo

There were many people who were skeptical ESPN 300 safety Hatari Byrd (Fresno, Calif./Central East) would stay committed to Oklahoma after pledging to the Sooners in July.

He has, and his commitment is stronger than ever 24 hours away from national signing day. SoonerNation readers have questions and Byrd has answers as he talks any and every thing on the mind of OU fans.

Hatari Byrd
ESPN 300 safety Hatari Byrd says he is already starting to dislike the Longhorns.
Beejay523: Have the coaches told you that you could start from Day 1? I bet you get pretty pumped about that thought.

Hatari Byrd: Yeah, they didn’t exactly say that. They said there’s an opening for it. With [Tony] Jefferson going to the league and No. 30 [Javon Harris] moving on, the chance is there. I come in, do my job, I can earn the opportunity.

Ari20dal7: What made a California kid decide to come to Oklahoma? How did your experience in Norman compare to back home?

Byrd: The visit was fantastic. It’s a much different lifestyle than what I’m used to here. When I was there, never been in an atmosphere like that. My dad’s favorite college to watch is OU. They play big-time ball there. It’s a great fit.

THEFANATIC: Is this the start of a Fresno pipeline? How likely are Michiah Quick, Tee Shepard, and L.J. Moore all possible Sooners? What is your general philosophy and approach to the game of football?

Byrd: Ha ha, I can’t speak on that. Going to have to wait and see. Football means almost everything to me. I’ve been playing since elementary school. Whenever I’ve been down, always had football to pick me up.

Oufrk11: Can’t wait to see you in crimson and cream. Welcome aboard. What would you say you are better at – pass coverage or tackling?

Byrd: Pass coverage. You just don’t see a big safety like me covering people like that. I’m a real good hitter, too, but pass coverage.

Daiyesdad: Which do you prefer as a safety, blowing up a running back at the line of scrimmage or an interception stolen from a wideout?

Byrd: That’s a hard decision right there. I’m going to go with getting the ball in the air. You get that pick-six – that’s nice. Big hits get the crowd going, though.

F1at: What legacy do you plan on building during your time in Norman? What goals are you setting for yourself personally and for your team?

Byrd: Wow, I haven’t thought that far for my goals just yet. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Wacky Paki: Who is the best player you went up against either during the season or at a camp?

Byrd: There was a tight end at that camp in Oregon. He’s committed to Alabama. O.J., I don’t remember his last name [Editor’s note: O.J. Howard]. I love his game, how big and fast and strong he is.

Beejay523: Do you hate Texas yet?

Byrd: Yeah, I hate Texas. I got to. I didn’t know much about the rivalry before this year, but I get it now. Watching games with my dad, I sort understood what a big deal it is.

Soonerfan862: When was the moment you knew Oklahoma was the school for you?

Byrd: Going into my senior year, my coach said I don’t seem like a player that was going to stay in the West Coast. I did my research, and OU was a perfect fit for me.

SOONERS: Do you have any pregame rituals you plan on bringing with you to Oklahoma? What is the funniest thing you’ve heard Mike Stoops say so far?

Byrd: I don’t know yet. I’m still thinking. I want to bring something different. Coach Stoops, watch the girls. Every time he sees me or talks to me, he says to watch out for the girls.

Charlescitymosaic: Five years from now you’re interviewed after being named the Super Bowl MVP and you are asked what you remember most from your college days at OU. What do you want to be the answer to be?

Byrd: Again, that’s too far away for right now. I haven’t made it that far. I would love to be there, but I’m not there yet.