Trotter's Mailbag: Where will Fleming go? 

March, 23, 2012
Jake Trotter answers readers’ questions about Oklahoma football in his mailbag every Friday. Got a question for Jake? Submit it here.

Brandon in Texarkana, Texas, writes: In the past 5 years OU has gone 52-16 with three conference titles, while Texas has gone 48-17 with a much weaker out-of-conference schedule, and one conference title. While we do bring in quality and very talented players, and I know you can’t base a recruit purely on what they are ranked, Texas has really dominated Big 12 recruiting, with the exception of 2008. Texas has 53 players in the NFL, while OU has 31. Do you think this is a case of Texas not maximizing talent, or OU just doing more and developing their players at a better rate?

Jake Trotter: Brandon, to your first point, it’s always easier to recruit out of your own backyard. If all the players in Texas were in Oklahoma, you’d seen the Sooners dominate the recruiting rankings the way the Longhorns have. To your second point, I don’t think there’s any question OU has done a better job than Texas of maximizing its talent, at least going back to the advent of the Mack Brown/Bob Stoops eras. OU has won a lot of games with players that Texas didn’t want, like Derrick Strait and Brandon Everage, who grew up in the Austin area.
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