Film room: Landry Jones solid in win 

October, 7, 2012
Apparently the boat is not sinking.

Oklahoma righted the ship on Saturday with a 41-20 win over Texas Tech at Jones Stadium in Lubbock, Texas. Coming off one of the worst games of his career, quarterback Landry Jones played a superb game as he managed the Sooners offense and took care of the football. Defensively, the Sooners got three interceptions and held TTU scoreless in the second half until a garbage time touchdown from SaDale Foster with 56 seconds left in the game.

Here are five key plays in the Sooners' third win of the season:

13-yard touchdown pass from Jones to Justin Brown on OU’s first drive

[+] EnlargeOklahoma's Landry Jones
Michael C. Johnson/US PRESSWIRE A week after turning the ball over twice, Oklahoma's Landry Jones had no turnovers and two touchdown passes vs. Texas Tech.
Facing a third-and-10, OU was in four-wide formation with Brown and Kenny Stills to the right, Trey Metoyer and Sterling Shepard to the left. The key to the play was Jones holding the safety in the middle with his eyes after the snap. Brown was less than five yards off the line of scrimmage when Jones threw the ball, meaning Jones recognized the mismatch of the 6-foot-3 Brown against 5-9 Cornelius Douglas before the snap and trusted Brown to make a play even though the senior didn’t get a great release off the line.

Another key was the placement of Jones’ throw, right over the top of the defenders head. It was terrific field awareness by Brown who was against the sideline but didn’t allow Douglas to force him out of bounds and gave himself enough room to get two feet inbounds for the touchdown.

It was a early sign that Landry Jones was poised to play a solid game.

13-yard touchdown pass from Jones to Stills

This play is key because the Sooners scored their second touchdown on third down, while Texas Tech had settled for two field goals resulting in a 21-13 lead for OU.

On third-and-six, OU had trips left with Stills in the slot closest to the ball. TTU blitzed two defenders and the Sooners kept Brennan Clay and Brannon Green in to block. Each OU offensive lineman won his one-on-one battle while Clay and Green combined to pick up the other Red Raider. The best thing about OU’s pass protection on the play was zero missed assignments, each player understood his assignment and won his individual battle.

Meanwhile on the outside, TTU defensive back Jarvis Phillips had no hope against Stills who ran a corner route and caught the perfectly thrown pass from Jones. Once OU won the battle up front, it was no contest.

Aaron Colvin’s interception

It was a one-play glimpse at why the junior cornerback is special. He showed football IQ, awareness, terrific instincts and elite athleticism all on one play. With the Red Raiders looking to drive late in the second quarter, Colvin came on a cornerback blitz and snatched Seth Doege’s pass out of the air for his first interception of the season.

After lining up on Red Raiders receiver Eric Ward, Colvin slid inside just before the ball was snapped then blitzed. Doege and Ward recognized the cornerback blitz, so Ward simply stopped and waited for the throw. Halfway to the quarterback, Colvin realized what was happening and simply jumped up to intercept the ball.

NFL-level play. Mentally and physically. If Colvin continues to make plays like that, he'll open up all kinds of options for Mike Stoops as he devises schemes to stop the explosive offenses in the Big 12.

Frank Shannon’s fourth-down sack on TTU’s first possession of the second half

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