Roundtable: Biggest unknown for Sooners 

August, 16, 2012
What is the biggest unknown about the Sooners going into the season?

When the going got tough, the Sooners folded last season. Nowhere was OU's lack of mental toughness more exposed than in a loss at Oklahoma State in which the Sooners trailed 44-3 in the fourth quarter. The Sooners haven't always been at full strength. But even when they've lost star players before -- like Sam Bradford against Texas in 2009 -- they've usually played with resolve. It will be interesting to see how this team responds. Maybe Mike Stoops will help restore mental toughness to the defense. Maybe the healthy return of Dom Whaley will help bring back toughness to the offense. But until this team faces adversity, it remains an unknown. And it may be the biggest determining factor in whether OU will have anything to play for come November.

- Jake Trotter
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