Triple Option: Ben Habern's career over 

August, 2, 2012
Every weekday morning, a member of the SoonerNation gives his take on three things happening in the Sooner sports world.

1. It’s sad to see the career of Ben Habern come to a close but here’s to Habern living a happy, healthy life. Football is not that important. He was a excellent player during his four years in Norman including three seasons as a starter. He will be missed in the field, off the field and in the interview room. He’s a good guy who seems to excel at everything he tries so forget the disappointment of losing an all-conference center and wish him the best.

2. Wednesday also brought news of the return of Jaz Reynolds, Trey Franks and Quentin Hayes. All three players face multiple suspensions but here’s hoping they have gotten their act together and begun to realize how blessed they are to be football players at Oklahoma. It shouldn’t matter if they make a impact on the team as long as they get their personal lives in order.
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