Triple option: Thoughts on All-Big 12 team 

July, 19, 2012
Every weekday morning, a member of the SoonerNation gives his take on three things happening in the Sooner sports world.

1. It would be interesting to see how many more votes West Virginia's Geno Smith got over Landry Jones for preseason All-Big 12 QB. My guess is that it was close. I voted for Jones, but I can see why others would pick Smith. As one OU booster remarked to be yesterday, "Good, I like that." Being off the first team should take just a little pressure off Jones while also giving him a little bit of spit and vinegar.

2. The only real difference I had with the offense was I had Dom Whaley over Malcolm Brown, and Josh Boyce over Kenny Stills. Whaley is coming off the ankle injury, so he's a little of an unknown. And people still remember what Stills did as a true freshman. No problem with either selection.
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