Przybylo’s Mailbag: Greg Bryant solid? 

July, 13, 2012
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Greg Bryant
Courtesy of Corey LongESPN 150 running back Greg Bryant hopes to make another visit to OU this summer.
Ben in Knoxville, Tenn., asks: What do you think will end up happening with Greg Bryant? Is he staying with us or going to South Carolina?

Bob Przybylo: Only he can answer that one, Ben. Bryant, ranked No. 30 in the ESPN 150 out of Delray Beach (Fla.) American Heritage-Boca Delray, has some OU fans scared about how firm his commitment is.

Bryant has remained consistent that he is OU "all the way" and that he simply wants to see what else is out there so he is 100 percent sure.

A big thing will be if Bryant can sneak in a second unofficial visit to OU this month. He really wants to, and I believe it would go a long way toward keeping his relationship strong with the Sooners coaching staff.

The only negative anybody can point to with Bryant is that he is not shutting down decommitment rumors. By making unofficial visits to South Carolina and Auburn and retweeting when fans are telling him to become a Gamecock or Tiger, it definitely makes people wonder.

Joseph in St. Louis asks: I know you have been a big fan of Laquon Treadwell because of his connection with David Smith. But I really like Torii Hunter Jr. Who do you like more at this point?

Bob Przybylo: Not a fan of the term “like” because I like Sealy, Texas, star Ricky Seals-Jones, but that doesn’t mean OU has a shot with him.

But in terms of who might be the more realistic option, I’m backing off Treadwell (Crete, Ill./Crete-Monee) and moving on to Hunter Jr. (Prosper, Texas/Prosper).

No. 1, it feels like Treadwell is all but signed, sealed and delivered to Michigan. Now that could change, obviously, but he has built a strong bond with Michigan QB commit Shane Morris.

And the cat is out of the bag with Hunter Jr. following his performance at The Opening. He has good size, solid speed and showed the ability to catch in traffic.

Chalk this one up to receivers coach Jay Norvell, who approached Hunter Jr. well before some of the other schools entered the race. How much that carries over to his long-term recruitment remains to be seen.

Andrew in Oklahoma City asks: Will D.J. Ward transferring to Douglass mean anything in the long run for the Sooners?

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