David Boren's comments reveal Big 12 unrest


Even with the recent comments on Big 12 expansion by Oklahoma president David Boren, not much has changed, writes George Schroeder of USA Today.

If the conference had the right partners it would have already expanded, Schroeder suggested. (And he's 100 percent correct, BTW). But he asked a question I found particularly interesting.

"Does the league, or do some of its members, suffer from an inferiority complex?" Schroeder wrote when wondering the reasoning behind Boren's comments.

I'd have to answer yes.

There seems to be an expectation that the Big 12, in its current form, cannot last or is somehow at the bottom of the totem pole among Power 5 conferences. Boren's comments reveal as much. But the Big 12 should not feel inferior as a strong, unified Big 12 should withstand any major changes to the college football landscape.

But there is a lot of underlying discord in some circles of the Big 12. Thus my suggestion as the first step -- before expansion, before adding a title game, before anything -- would be a unified Big 12. That would be a great place to start.