Chris Sale defends White Sox manager Robin Ventura

Three weeks ago the Chicago White Sox had a six-game lead in the AL Central Division. They woke up Sunday in third place, listening to cries for manager Robin Ventura's head.

Ace Chris Sale wants that talk to stop.

"I don't think he gave up any runs," Sale said. "I don't think he made any errors, and he's in the dugout the whole time. It's on us to win games. I understand people -- I'll keep it that -- want to point fingers and find blame. But at the end of the day it falls on the players. We have to find a way to turn it around. We're going to keep fighting. It will turn. We have too much morale, chemistry and too much talent. Just a rough patch."

What a rough patch it's been. On Sunday, Sale left after seven innings with a two-run lead. The Kansas City Royals scored three runs in the eighth to win the game.

White Sox closer David Robertson wasn't available because he had thrown 29 pitches while giving up six runs in Saturday's debacle. Chicago led 7-1 with one out in the bottom of the ninth before blowing that game.

That loss came after the White Sox led 5-2 in the seventh inning of the opener and ended up losing 7-5.

The White Sox have now lost 14 of 18 games after a start that had people talking about an "L" World Series with the red-hot Chicago Cubs.

Ventura said all the right things Sunday when asked if he was feeling any added pressure.

"Not any more pressure than there already is," he said. "That's just part of the job, and you do it."

The White Sox will try to right the ship on Monday against someone else who is feeling the heat. New York Mets starter Matt Harvey, whom some considered the ace of the team's vaunted staff going into the season, is 3-7 with a 6.08 ERA. There's been talk of dropping him from the rotation.

Neither Ventura and the White Sox nor Harvey might get out from under their figurative clouds, though. It was raining in New York Monday morning.