Court reporter makes unfortunate gaffe with Rob Gronkowski's name in Brady appeal transcript

In the ever-evolving soap opera that is Deflategate, this was an unexpected twist: The PDF transcript of Tom Brady's appeal hearing refers to Rob Gronkowski as Rob Gostkowski, mixing up the star tight end with New England's kicker, Stephen Gostkowski

The full exchange, on page 34/121, appears as follows in the transcript, with Brady answering the question:

Question: And a few years before the AFC Championship Game in January of 2015, you had made public statements to the fact that you like a deflated ball, correct?

Answer: I think that was in context to a joke about Rob Gostkowski spiking the football and how I felt sorry for the football. And that's all I remember.

It's fair to assume that Brady knows the last name of his favorite target ... and it's also fair to assume this was some Googling-gone-wrong by the court reporter. But we'll cut he/she a little slack; it won't be the last time someone mistakes Gostkowski for Gronkowski -- at least when it comes to spelling.