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Monday, June 4, 2012
Entrance Interview: Amara Darboh

By Chantel Jennings

Entrance Interview is a series at WolverineNation -- similar to our Exit Interview series -- where we chat with incoming Michigan football and men's basketball players about their thoughts as they start college, what their expectations are, and what they'll miss most about high school.

Amara Darboh (West Des Moines, Ia./Dowling) has a chance to come in and play early. Michigan sorely needs a receiver with height, and the 6-foot-3, 210-pound Darboh fits the mold. He picked the Wolverines after his senior football season over a bevy of Big Ten and other BCS-level programs.

WolveirneNation caught up with Darboh in late May to find out what he’s expecting from next season, how his shoulder is recovering from surgery in December and his love of a certain NBA team.

Amara Darboh
WR Amara Darboh had shoulder surgery in December but says the recovery has gone smoothly.
WolverineNation: What do you think your weight will be as a senior?

Amara Darboh: "220 to 225 pounds."

WN: What do you think will be the thing that’s most different about you by the time you graduate?

AD: "Football-wise, I think I’ll be better at running routes. My endurance and knowledge for the game will be much better. Personality-wise, I think working with Denard (Robinson), (Roy) Roundtree and all those other talented guys, I’ll learn a lot and it’ll be easier for me to pick up on things for football and life."

WN: You’ve talked a lot about how important your teammates are. How excited are you to have a new group of teammates to bond with?

AD: "I feel like they haven’t treated me like a recruit or a freshman at all. They looked at me as one of their own. All the guys I’ve met they seem really cool. I think the transition will be smooth because of that."

WN: What are your expectations for yourself in the first year in football?

AD: "I want to get up there and prove that I can get on the field and just compete. If the coaches tell me to do something, I want to do it better than I did before and better than the next guy."

WN: What are you most looking forward to at Michigan?

AD: "I’m looking forward to the camp, actually. I did a few camps this spring, but not that many due to AAU basketball. I thought those camps were fun and that the competition brought the best out of me. So I’m looking forward to playing against guys that are really good and have been playing the game for a long time."

WN: Over the past few months, what has your training regimen been?

AD: "I’ve been doing speed and agility work. I’m also working on my strength, trying to get all the power back in my shoulder. I’ve also been out running routes. Really, I’m just trying to do a bit of everything."

WN: You had shoulder surgery in December. How has your recovery been?

AD: "The surgery went really well and the recovery also has gone great. Right now, I have full motion back. It’s mainly the strength in my shoulder -- I thought it would come in faster than it actually has. I’ve been doing band work to try and get stability back in my shoulder. But I’m lifting."

WN: Do you have any bucket list items for your last month of summer?

AD: "One was to go to an NBA game and I had a chance to do that. And my family is going to Florida, so I’m really looking forward to that."

WN: Which NBA game?

AD: "I went to second-round playoff game of the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Lakers. It was a great atmosphere. OKC ended up winning and it was loud after. All the fans went crazy, so it was really fun. I’m a Thunder fan and I like watching Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. It was fun to see them live."

WN: What food do you think you’ll be sick of by the time you graduate?

AD: "Pizza. I’m kind of off and on with pizza. We do a football camp in high school and we’re there for three days and we have pizza every night. By the end of three days, I never want to have pizza, so I guess I get sick of that pretty easily."