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Friday, February 15, 2013
Exit Interview: LS Curt Graman

By Michael Rothstein

‘Exit Interview’ is a concept started at WolverineNation last year where we chat with players leaving Michigan about their experiences with the Wolverines and in some cases, what’s next.

Curt Graman didn't play much in his career and other than a brief stint at tight end, a position he played in high school, his specialty was as a long snapper.

WolverineNation caught up with Graman last month.

Q: How did you end up at Michigan and on the team?

Curt Graman: I started my senior year in high school and it came down to the last few games of the season and I didn’t know what I was going to do next. I sent out recruiting videos, majority for long-snapping, because teams had shown interest in that through camps. I also played tight end so I had specialist and then tight end film on my highlight videos. I was sitting at home one night two weeks before my state championship game and coach [Bruce] Tall and asked me to come on a walk-on visit. I came up and I loved it up here. Preferred walk-on status here and hoped to earn a scholarship and go from there.

Q: You had one year left. Why did you move on?

Graman: Tuition. I hadn’t earned a scholarship and Jareth Glanda playing in front of mine, he’s a great snapper and great friend of mine and got along really well through the year. Kind of saw it that I wouldn’t play and would just be a backup. Being a backup and ready to play at a moment’s notice if Jareth went down, I was prepared but tuition is pretty expensive and I’ve played since I’ve been in kindergarten. I accepted it and it was time to move on to the next stage.

Q: Was that difficult?

Graman: It was a hard decision because I love playing and my parents love coming and watching me play. It’s been part of my life the past 16 years; it’s been a big part of my life. Sports in general. My career is coming to an end. It was hard but I talked to my parents about it and it was time to move on. I love the experience but tuition is not the easiest thing to pay for. I talked to my parents about it and declared myself to be a senior this year for Team 133. I had a great time with the senior class and don’t regret anything.

Q: You mentioned tight end. Was there a thought of switching over? 

Graman: When coach Hoke came here, he recruited me at Ball State for tight end; they knew I played tight end at (Cincinnati) Elder. I tried out to be a snapper at their senior camp and gained a lot of interest in them, not only as a long-snapper from their special teams coach but also as a tight end. We met with him when he first got here and he asked me what I was doing when I was here, just long-snapping or tight end. I said I’d be willing to try anything to earn playing time and get on the field some way, some how. He said we do need a lot of tight ends. We had Kevin Koger, Brandon Moore, Mike Kwiatkowski and other guys. He said we’d need some guys. I tried it and got hit quite a few times. It brought me back to high school. I got knocked out once and ended up coming back. Coach Ferrigno told me in spring ball I led the tight ends in catches or yards after catches. It was cool to hear those little things but I didn’t see myself playing tight end fully. I just wanted to try it, and when we got the coaching transition it was a fun time for spring ball but I didn’t see it lasting past that.

Q: What’s next for you?

Graman: Hopefully finding a job by the time I graduate. I majored in sociology but want to go into marketing and sales. That’s what my dad was in throughout my childhood. Seeing all he did through that, it sounds very interesting. You get to travel and I love to travel and see different places. You’re always meeting new people. I don’t see myself sitting in an office that much pushing papers around. I also like doing stuff outside, too, so maybe starting my own lawn care business down the road. But marketing and sales now. See where that takes me.