WolverineNation roundtable 

January, 3, 2013
Every Thursday, the WolverineNation staff sits down to discuss three topics surrounding Michigan sports. It should come as no surprise that this week, the writers tackle three questions from the Outback Bowl and overall football season.

1) Now that the season is over and we saw how Denard Robinson was eventually used, do you think Michigan would've been more successful had it done that all season?

Michael Rothstein: Ah, hindsight and, probably, yes, it would have. Michigan would have still struggled early in the season and probably still lost to Alabama and Notre Dame because Devin Gardner and Robinson both would have been feeling their way through new positions. But I think Michigan beats Nebraska had they run this type of offense throughout the year. Still not sold on them beating Ohio State, either, but 9-3 would have gotten them in the Big Ten title game.
Michigan C Cites Concussions In Decision To Quit
Joe Schad discusses how concussions and a concern over long-term health have helped Michigan center Jack Miller decide not to play football his senior year.