Five storylines: Michigan at Ohio State 

November, 22, 2012
ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Each Thursday, WolverineNation will take a look at five storylines heading into Saturday's game. These are five to look for as Michigan heads to Columbus for “The Game.”

1) Hoke vs. Meyer, Round 1. Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer both know this rivalry and its magnitude, they’re both Ohio kids, they both come from the MAC -- sound familiar to anyone? There have been many great coaching matchups in “The Game,” though perhaps this might be one that eventually comes to rival the Bo Schembechler-Woody Hayes years. No doubt a lot is on the line as far as pride and records and recruiting.

2) Al Borges and his offensive plans. Borges has received some heat this season for play-calling and whatnot, but once a pocket-passing QB got into Michigan’s offense, he seemed a bit more comfortable and fans saw the product. Add to that a dynamic, electrifying and dreaded Denard Robinson (pun intended), and Borges is like a kid in a candy shop. His options seem endless and while we got to see against Iowa some of what the Wolverines could do offensively, I think the best is yet to come. Borges, this is your moment.
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