Quick hits: Beilein, Vogrich, Morgan 

February, 29, 2012
Michigan basketball coach John Beilein, junior guard Matt Vogrich and redshirt sophomore forward Jordan Morgan met with members of the media on Wednesday to discuss the Wolverines' matchup at Illinois on Thursday. Here are some of the key points they touched on:


  • ON WHETHER HE STILL THOUGHT THEY'D HAVE A SHOT FOR THE TITLE AFTER SATURDAY: "I didn't think much about it," Beilein said. "I didn't analyze who was playing who and when. I just didn't do it. But I was watching [the Michigan State/Indiana] game last night with interest just to see what would happen."
  • ON IF THE TEAM HAS A MENTAL BOOST BECAUSE IT CAN STILL WIN THE TITLE: "Absolutely," Beilein said. "I think it's good. If we hadn't talked about it all year long, about what we try to do at the University of Michigan and win championships, it wouldn't be that big of a point as it is right now. … There will hopefully be some bounce in our step."
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