Michigan Wolverines Mailbag 

January, 11, 2012
Well, the 2011 college football season is officially over. Hopefully everyone enjoyed that thrilling match on Monday evening. If you're into field goals, well, it was your kind of game ... again. But overall, it was a good year for college football, filled with memories of Shoelaces, Honey Badgers and RG3’s decorative socks.

Now, college basketball is in conference play and bracketeers around the country are already trying to figure out who will be this year’s VCU (Hint: It won’t be VCU).

With that, we’re sure there are questions and we love hearing from our readers and answering what questions you do have. The mailbag, though, is only as good as what you ask. Questions for next week's mailbag can be sent to michaelrothsteinespn@gmail.com.
Michigan C Cites Concussions In Decision To Quit
Joe Schad discusses how concussions and a concern over long-term health have helped Michigan center Jack Miller decide not to play football his senior year.