Jim Harbaugh says football is only getting stronger

Jim Harbaugh's work with young players at numerous camps the past two summers has convinced the Michigan coach that football has a bright future despite the growing narrative that the sport is in trouble.

"I think a lot of people are starting to wonder, you read articles, you see movies, criticism of just the game of football. But the game is so much stronger than it was five years ago, when I was at Stanford," he told TheMMQB.com. "Now, I'm out traveling the country, seeing the love these guys have for the game of football. They really like football. And they're so much better.

"They're all bigger, they're all stronger, they're all faster, they're all smarter, and I think they all like football more. And the numbers are so impressive. So the game of football's strong."

Harbaugh, whose Michigan staff will work at 39 camps this summer, told The MMQB.com that he's not worried at all about his sport.

"The game is not weakening, the game is strengthening, from what I've observed the last two summers," he told the website.