WolverineNation Roundtable 

August, 23, 2012
Denard RobinsonDerick E. Hingle/US PresswireDoes Denard Robinson have a Heisman run in him? Our writers discuss.
Every Thursday, Tom, Mike and Chantel will discuss three issues in and around Michigan sports. This week, they consider a Heisman run for a certain quarterback and the potential of some 2013 commits.

1. Quarterback Denard Robinson seems to be on pretty much every preseason award list, but most pale in comparison to the talk of whether Robinson can win the Heisman. Do you think he wins it this season? If not, will he be a finalist?

Michael Rothstein: No and no. Nothing against Robinson, but there are a multitude of reasons he won't be holding the trophy he was captured emulating during a play against Notre Dame two seasons ago. Part of it has to do with what he has already accomplished. Heisman voters -- and I used to be one -- are an interesting bunch, and Robinson would likely have to top his accomplishments of the last two seasons to win the award. Plus, the Heisman often goes to a player -- Robert Griffin III was an exception -- on a team at least in a BCS bowl if not the national championship game. In other words, his team needs to win. Big. And I don't know if Michigan does that this season. It's not impossible for him to become a finalist or even win the Heisman, but he'd likely have to break Pat White's rushing record and lead Michigan to at least 10 wins and a Big Ten championship game appearance for him to reach New York.
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