WolverineNation Roundtable 

July, 13, 2012
Roger FedererGlyn Kirk/AFP/GettyImagesRoger Federer's triumph at age 30 got us thinking: Which Wolverine will still be on top at 30?
It has been a while since we've done this, but with the season quickly approaching, we thought we'd bring back the weekly roundtable. This week WolverineNation editor Bob McClellan weighs in with Tom Van Haaren and Chantel Jennings on a couple of topics surrounding Michigan athletics.

1. After watching a few players commit on July 4 and knowing several of Michigan's commits pledged on Saturdays in the basketball season, we got to thinking about this. If you were advising an ESPN 300 prospect, when would you tell him would be the best time to commit and why?

Bob McClellan: Aren't kids today all about maximum exposure? I can promise you you're not going to get on the front page of a website or your hometown newspaper when you commit on July 4 or anytime on a Saturday, let alone in the football or basketball season. I'm always surprised when kids don't plan these things out a little better. They're creatures of the social media, many with five-digit Twitter followers. How do you commit on July 4? Were YOU on your computer on July 4? Make your choice when the spotlight is virtually guaranteed to be yours and yours alone. Now that said, I believe kids should be properly prepared to make a decision. If they can withstand the pressure of recruiting, they should take all of their official visits and play through all of the big summer events leading up to their senior year. Then, right before college fall camps start, pick a Tuesday or Wednesday, call a news conference for 7 a.m. local time, and go for it. Nothing is happening in the sports world at 7 a.m. on a Tuesday. The stage is all yours.
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