Entrance Interview: A.J. Williams 

June, 8, 2012
Entrance Interview is a series at WolverineNation -- similar to our Exit Interview series -- where we chat with incoming Michigan football and men's basketball players about their thoughts as they start college, what their expectations are, and what they'll miss most about high school.

A.J. Williams (Cincinnati/Sycamore) is a needed man coming into Michigan. He plays a position with little depth and great need -- tight end -- but more than that, he will come in college ready at least in size.

At 6-foot-6, 265 pounds, Williams won't need a season of bulking up to step on the field and contribute. If he proves himself in August, there is a good chance he could play by September. WolverineNation caught up with Williams after a May training session to see how things were going before he entered Michigan.
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