WolverineNation Mailbag 

March, 14, 2012
Jared Sullinger, Trey Burke, Draymond GreenGetty Images/US Presswire/US PresswireMichigan needs to exceed NCAA expecations to prove it belongs with OSU and MSU.
Michigan has its men's basketball team in the NCAA tournament, its women's team in the NCAA tournament, its hockey team in the CCHA tournament, and spring football is right around the corner.

And on top of that, St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday and the sun has come out of hibernation in Ann Arbor. What more could anyone ask for?

Oh, a WolverineNation mailbag? Well, I've got you covered.
Michigan Pulls Plug On Coke Promotion
ESPN Michigan reporter Dan Murphy breaks down why the school had to pull a promotion giving fans tickets to an upcoming game against Minnesota in exchange for buying a couple bottles of Coca-Cola.