Quick Hits: John Beilein Radio Show 

March, 6, 2012
Michigan coach John Beilein was on his weekly John Beilein radio show Monday night in Ann Arbor. Here are a few of the key points he touched on during the hour-long show:

  • ON BECOMING BIG TEN CHAMPIONS: "If people knew how much we talked about what it's like to be a champion," Beilein said. "We talked about it every day. It's what Bo did. It’s what Lloyd [Carr's] teams did. … We embraced that concept and to have it work out that way, that was a magic moment."
  • ON BELIEVING THEY COULD BE BIG TEN CHAMPIONS: Beilein said they knew that after last season, they knew they could compete, but that they knew they needed a big year from freshman point guard Trey Burke.
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