Quick hits: Beilein on B1G call 

February, 13, 2012
Michigan coach John Beilein on the Big Ten teleconference on Monday:


  • ON HAVING MULTIPLE PLAYERS AS SCORING THREATS: "That's a key to our success so far. We have not had to rely on one or two guys to do it every day and if they didn't have a good game we wouldn't have a chance," Beilein said. "That would've made us more a .500 team right now." Beilein said the Wolverines' performance against Illinois was the closest his team has come to everyone having a solid game.
  • ON TALKING ABOUT CONFERENCE STANDINGS: Beilein said he'll address it in practice this week. "They don't look at the standings very often," Beilein said. "They know we're in it. Maybe they don't know how close it is and how it can change so quickly with a few wins here and there."
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