Quick Hits: Beilein, Douglass, Morgan 

February, 7, 2012
Michigan basketball coach John Beilein, senior guard Stu Douglass and redshirt sophomore Jordan Morgan met with the media on Tuesday to discuss the 25th-ranked Wolverines' game with Nebraska on Wednesday.


  • ON VISITING NEBRASKA FOR THE FIRST TIME: Beilein said he has never been to the state, hasn't faced Nebraska coach Doc Sadler, nor has he seen any of the Nebraska players play AAU. "When you play Michigan State, you have to be careful -- you know all their players, you know their coaches, you have to be careful you don't take things for granted," Beilein said. "This one's fresh. … There's no comfort in that."
  • ON SOPHOMORE GUARD TIM HARDAWAY JR.'S PREPARATION: Beilein said they watch film and talk about everything from body language to his stat line. Beilein said Hardaway Jr. has been very receptive. "He has to continue to work at, 'What is the right play at the right time,' and let the game come to him a bit more," Beilein said. "I hate to see him turn down an open shot."
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