WolverineNation Roundtable 

February, 2, 2012
1. Which one player on last season's Michigan football team would the Wolverines most benefit in having for one more year?

Michael Rothstein: There are a lot of guys that could fit in as an answer here but I'm going to go with a surprise and say … Junior Hemingway. Yes, Michigan loses three-fourths of its defensive line and Rimington Award-winning center David Molk, but Hemingway was such a safety blanket on long passes for quarterback Denard Robinson that it could take time for him to get comfortable with another receiver in that situation next season -- and time is something Michigan doesn't have since it opens with Alabama. So while the Wolverines would benefit from a host of graduated seniors back for another season, Hemingway is the choice here. He just made so many big plays on jump balls and blocking on outside runs that he might not have the name of Mike Martin or Molk or even Ryan Van Bergen, but Hemingway will be sorely missed next season.
Harbaugh: Split With 49ers Not Mutual
ESPN NFL nation reporter Nick Wagoner discusses Jim Harbaugh's comments on "The TK Show," saying that the split between Harbaugh and San Francisco wasn't mutual.