Quick Hits: Beilein press conference 

January, 24, 2012
Michigan coach John Beilein met with the media on Monday before his team left for Tuesday’s matchup at Purdue. Here are some of the points he touched on:

  • Beilein said the film session on Arkansas was very good for his team and that he saw elements that will make this loss productive to future games. "They made some easy shots," Beilein said. "Our transition defense wasn’t very good." He said the game should give them confidence because of how poorly players shot, but that they were able to fight back and make it a close game.
  • ON ARKANSAS STARTING 11-FOR-11 FROM THE FLOOR: "That was an all-time record for balls to hit the rim, roll around and still go in," Beilein said. "But they still had it going and I hope that'll come around to us one day."
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