LSU Tigers: Clemson

Back in pack, but so close

December, 18, 2012
BATON ROUGE, La. -- On bowl selection Sunday, some LSU fans were fighting mad.

LSU, they felt, was one rival program and two games away from being the dominant program in college football right now. Yet, a loss in the BCS title game to Alabama in January and a last-minute, game-winning drive by the Crimson Tide this season combined to have the Tigers in the SEC's No. 5 bowl (Chick-fil-A) and just another team not in the BCS.

Never mind that the Chick-fil-A Bowl deserves to be much better than No. 5 in the SEC bowl pecking order (really No. 6 when you consider SEC is usually a lock to get two teams into BCS bowls). It's one of the best-run bowls out there, it's played in an NFL stadium and could well end up as host site for future national championship playoff games.

LSU fans get that. They honestly appreciate that a bowl matchup with Clemson is one of the best ones in the bowl season. And they are well aware that the SEC had six teams with double digit wins, all deserving of solid bowl matchups.

That's not really why Tigers fans were a little miffed about going to Atlanta and why there's a bit of a lethargy among them.

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