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Thursday, March 21, 2013
Watch List safety picks up Georgia offer

By Radi Nabulsi

ATHENS, Ga. -- For most high school players, the end of practice means they get a break from the incessant nagging and ceaseless instruction of their coaches. They go home, eat dinner, study and enjoy the respite until the whistles start blowing next time. For ESPN Watch List safety Quincy Wilson (Fort Lauderdale, Fla./University School), that is not the case.

Wilson’s father is the defensive coordinator and the defensive backs coach at the University School, so Wilson jokes that he gets no respite.

“Oh no, there’s no break, there’s no break,” Wilson said. “Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yeah, I get it at practice, before practice, after practice, in the car, at the dinner table ...”

The talented junior laughed about the nonstop instruction but he also credited his father with making him the player he is today -- one of the most coveted safeties in Florida.

“My dad played cornerback for Miami,” Wilson said. “He’s a better cornerback than me but maybe eventually I will be better since he’s teaching me everything he knows. I mean I learn from him and it’s gotten me this far, so I guess he knows what he’s talking about. Yeah, he pushes me and that’s what every dad is going to do for his son.”

Wilson has racked up close to 30 offers, the latest coming from the University of Georgia on Wednesday.

“My coach told me to call coach [Kirk] Olivadotti so I called him and he told me that they were going to offer me, and he was just talking to me about how he liked my playing and how they were going to use me at Georgia,” Wilson said. “They said they want me as a cornerback. I’m a big, long, tall cornerback and that’s what they’re looking for now. He said that I’ll play cornerback for them and I’ll be a great matchup for the big receivers that are in the SEC.”

Olivadotti told Wilson, who has numerous offers as a safety, that the Bulldogs were looking to replace Sanders Commings, a hybrid defensive back who could play cornerback and safety.

“He said that he liked how I’m big and can run, because he’s looking for guys that are big and can run,” Wilson said. “There are not many guys that are 6-2 and 200 pounds that can play cornerback and that can run like me. He said that pretty much I will replace a guy there that they had last year that was 6-1, 218 pounds that started at cornerback for them.”

Wilson is familiar with the Bulldogs.

“I like them,” Wilson said. “I remember I kind of got an interest in them because this guy on our team always used to talk about them way back, like a year ago, and I kind of got into looking up their defense and stuff like that, The kind of defense they play is very aggressive and that’s what I like.”

Doing research on potential schools occupies a lot of Wilson’s time. He knows the statistics of many of the schools he is considering, especially the number of defensive backs each school has put into the NFL.

“What I like about LSU is that they are known for having big corners that come out, do their job, go into the draft and get drafted high,” Wilson said. “It’s a great place for defensive backs, as of what I know a lot of defensive backs come out of there that are my size.”

The Buckeyes are also getting a look from Wilson.

“Ohio State’s another place that likes big DBs,” Wilson said. “Besides Miami they have the most DBs put into the league in the past decade.”

So far the Hurricanes, despite being only 45 minutes away from Wilson’s school, are not an option for the talented junior even though his father played there.

“Yeah, I mean, Miami was like my favorite school growing up, and I mean, I watched the other sports but they were my favorite,” Wilson said. “Miami is not recruiting me at all.”

Wilson is not sure why the Hurricanes have not offered.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Wilson said. “But they seem to be making a better decision. My dad is not pushing me to go there. He’s been through the recruiting process. He says it is my decision.”

The University of Florida has offered Wilson and he plans to visit there again next week.

“I went up there last summer,” Wilson said. “I’m just going back up so I can see their spring practice and get to know the coaches better.”

The Seminoles of Florida State have not offered but that could change soon.

“I’ve been in contact with the coaches at Florida State,” Wilson said. “I sent them my film, and I’m probably going to give them another call this week because the DB coach that was there left. So I really haven’t gotten in touch with any of the new guys who have been there until like last week.”

After the trip to Florida next week, Wilson has a long list of schools he wants to explore. He has no leaders at this time but plans to continue his research in an effort to whittle down his list.

“Other visits I have set up for the summer so far are LSU, Tennessee, Ohio State, South Carolina and Notre Dame, so it’s going to be a busy summer.”