GTN Mailbag: LSU built for the new park? 

June, 14, 2013
Alex Box StadiumLouisiana State University/Getty ImagesThe Tigers move from familiar Alex Box Stadium to new T.D. Ameritrade Park in the CWS.

BATON ROUGE, La. -- GTN writer Gary Laney took your questions:

From Bryan (Houston): LSU used to own Rosenblatt. Will the Tigers like the new stadium in Omaha?

Gary Laney: Skip Bertman's LSU teams, in particular, were built for Rosenblatt Stadium, which was a hitter-friendly park for most of the Tigers' run. LSU was the team in mind when the term "Gorilla Ball" was coined. To me, it was a huge advantage for LSU to play in that venue for national championships, because it played similar to Alex Box Stadium.

Competition is great
Miles sees the LSU offensive managing the game well and improving on defense.