GeauxTigerNation mailbag: Nov. 16 

November, 16, 2012
From Daniel in Monroe: You mentioned LSU's passing attack the past few weeks has opened the door for recruiting. Do you think the Tigers wind up snagging Ricky Seals-Jones because of that?

It's undeniably good for LSU that Zach Mettenberger has proven the Tigers' ability to pass the ball the past two weeks. Big-time receivers are much more likely to feel comfortable with LSU if they know they're going to get the ball -- current commits like Chuck Baker, John Diarse and Quantavius Leslie have to feel good about that. But Seals-Jones, the No. 1 athlete in this class, is a tough sell in that he lives right outside College Station, Texas, also known as the home of Johnny Manziel. I think the combination of the Aggies' explosive offense with the home state appeal keeps Seals-Jones in Texas, which would be a boon for Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin. Of course, crazier things have happened and you have to assume LSU is going to keep the pressure on the 6-foot-5 prospect to come to Baton Rouge and be an immediate presence.

From Todd in New Orleans: Let's assume LSU wins its last two games of the season. Do you see the Tigers playing in a BCS bowl game?
Intriguing SEC bowl games


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