With UF, LSU faces tough SEC schedules

June, 1, 2012
If you wanted to keep the Florida series alive, you were in luck Friday as SEC presidents and athletic directors voted to adopt a 6-1-1 schedule format.

That means six games against division foes, one game against a permanent cross-division opponent and one against a rotating opponent from the opposite division.

The permanent cross-division opponent for LSU will be Florida. It's for this reason that LSU was openly opposed to the 6-1-1 format. Florida offers the Tigers a difficult opponent, but not necessarily the natural rivalry of an Alabama-Tennessee or Georgia-Auburn cross-division game.

But LSU is stuck with it. And the Tigers will also have Western Division games every year against Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas and incoming member Texas A&M.

This will guarantee that, in most seasons, LSU's schedule will be among the nation's most difficult, even if Tigers don't play a tough non-conference game, like the 2011 opener against Oregon.

Gary Laney | email

Reporter, GeauxTigerNation



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