Radio Ga Ga: 'Race from hell this is going to be!'

Mark Sutton/Sutton Images

ESPN rounds up the best soundbites from the Hungarian Grand Prix as the radio rules and F1's stewards were once again under the microscope.

"Ahhhh... f---ing hell."

"Those red flags were really unlucky."

"That's really poor."

Under-pressure Jolyon Palmer [speaking first and third] reacts to his Q1 elimination after a poorly-timed red flag late in the session scuppers his hopes of progressing to the next stage of qualifying.

"I'm driving like a grandma."

While bottled up behind teammate Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen tells Red Bull he's driving well within himself to conserve his tyres early in the race.

"Jenson, do not shift, do not shift. We've lost hydraulic pressure."

"So game over?"

"No, Jenson, stay out, stay out."

"Oh fantastic, race from hell this is going to be!"

After finding that his brake pedal was dropping to the floor on lap five, Jenson Button is less than impressed with McLaren's instruction to continue racing...

"So the brake pedal going to the floor isn't classed as a safety issue? That's quite interesting. Think someone needs to read up on what is safe and what isn't."

...And he is equally unimpressed when he receives a drive-through penalty -- while running dead last -- for being told how to fix his brakes over the radio.

"So what's happened there guys? Why were you not ready?"

Sergio Perez questions Force India after he appeared to arrive in the pit lane when the team was not ready for him - jeopardising a hope of finishing in the points.

"OK Lewis, Ricciardo is about to get on the back of the train, so we really need to open this gap up."

"I'm driving to the best of my ability with these tyres..."

"Copy that Lewis. But if these cars bunch up we'll be brigning Nico in first..."

Mercedes issues a small warning to Lewis Hamilton to up the pace while leading teammate Nico Rosberg in the middle stint. The world champion obliges and Mercedes is able to consolidate a comfortable one-two finish.

"Fernando, we've had a final warning for track limits."

"We are at two or three?"

"Three -- that was a final warning."

Fernando Alonso flaunts the FIA's newly-enforced track limit rules in Hungary and is told he is one strike away from an automatic drive-through penalty.

"He moved right and then back to left when I was going there and took my f---ing front wing off!"

After a stellar drive through the field Kimi Raikkonen's progress is halted by Max Verstappen's aggressive manoeuvres to hold on to fifth position.

"If he's not stopping moving, then next time we will hit each other."

Raikkonen continues ranting over his Ferrari radio about the Dutch teenager's driving. He would later cite this incident to claim F1's rule enforcement is a "joke".