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SEC predictions: Week 14

November, 29, 2012
I believe someone supposedly very wise once said just a week ago that they remember what you do in November.

Well, I'm sure Chris will remember exactly what I did this November. And it wasn't pretty if you weren't on Team Edward.

After Chris and I had a couple of tight weeks, I blew this bad boy wide open when I added two more games to my total after going 8-1 over the weekend to extend my lead to seven games with an impressive 100-12 (.893) record. I missed on Florida-Florida State, but I don't think anyone other than Will Muschamp really knows what the Gators will do week in and week out.

Although my dear friend Cary pleaded with me to pick his Gators last week to guarantee I'd go a perfect 9-0. I guess we know who the real "expert" is because he was spot on with his prediction.

Still, I'm just happy I'm not in Chris' boat, which is currently leaking and has a Jaws-size great white circling it. After an ugly weekend that saw him go 6-3, Chris now sits with a record of 93-19 (.830). We both dropped the ball on Florida, but Chris also picked Mississippi State over Ole Miss and Clemson over South Carolina. I understand the Mississippi State pick, because the Rebels had lost three straight. But Clemson over South Carolina? Chris must have been sipping that Tiger Kool-Aid supplied by ACC blogger Heather Dinich and Clemson coach Dabo Swinney before he made that pick.

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