DN Roundtable: UGA's best 'fireworks' 

July, 4, 2012
Georgia BulldogsPalm Beach Post/ZUMA Press/Icon SMIDawgNation readers agree that the Bulldogs' first-quarter end zone dance in the 2007 win against Florida in Jacksonville was one of the most memorable 'fireworks' moments in UGA history.

Today being the Fourth of July, we expect to see fireworks and parades. Georgia football has had its share of fireworks through the years, if we talk about individual performances and astonishing victories. With that in mind we asked the staff and DawgNation's readers:

“What is the biggest fireworks display, figuratively speaking, you have seen at a Georgia football game?"

David Ching: I'd have to say it was the 2007 Blackout game against Auburn. Because of the final score, people often forget that Georgia didn't play very well in that game until it flipped the switch midway through the third quarter. And when it did, holy cow. Touchdown after touchdown. Impromptu sideline dancing to "Soulja Boy" that got everyone on the home sideline and throughout the stadium hyped. I've never been in a stadium that was as electric as it was in Sanford that night in the fourth quarter. It was unforgettable.

Radi Nabulsi: My first response would be the Blackout, or the 1991 Georgia game against Clemson in Sanford Stadium. I was in the stands and not working. That game was special, as freshman quarterback Eric Zeier came off the bench to lead the unranked Bulldogs to an upset of the No. 6 Tigers. Clemson had the No. 1 defense in the land, and Georgia won 27-12 in a rollicking night game. As if that weren’t enough, at some point during the game the stadium announcer let everyone there know that the Atlanta Braves had just won the Nation League West for the first time in 22 years. People went crazy. After that my memory gets really fuzzy.

But I would say the greatest fireworks display was the 2006 Georgia vs. Auburn game at Jordan Hare Stadium. The Bulldogs had lost a heartbreaker to Kentucky the week before, and the 9-1 Tigers were ranked No. 5 in the nation. Georgia had lost four of its last five games, giving up 19 turnovers, and Auburn was looking to move up in the BCS rankings. Will Muschamp was Auburn’s defensive coordinator. The feeling going into the contest was that Auburn was going to make mincemeat of the reeling Bulldogs. And it was going to rain.

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