DN Roundtable: UGA superlatives 

June, 27, 2012
A few weeks into summer provides the perfect time to get out the yearbook and look at what classmates wrote on the blank pages. After reading all the invitations to “Stay cool!” and “Let’s hang out!” one invariably turns to the awards section. In this week’s DawgNation Roundtable discussion the DN staff, with input from one UGA fan, is giving out the Georgia Bulldogs’ version of the senior awards. But we are not limited to the seniors -- we have opened up nominations to the entire team.

Most likely to succeed

David Ching: Ty Frix. Believe it or not, Frix -- who graduated in May -- is the only biomedical engineering major on the football team.

Radi Nabulsi: Jarvis Jones. He will be a first-round draft pick, and he is disciplined and wiser than his years suggest.

Kipp Adams: John Theus. He has the mindset and talent to play on Sundays. He also is used to winning, with three state championship rings at Bolles High School in Jacksonville, Fla.

Comeback_King: Aaron Murray. He is smart and talented.

Best dressed

DC: As a sports writer, I'm not sure I'm very well-equipped to answer this question. I'll say John Jenkins because he has worn house shoes that amused me at post-practice interviews.

RN: Kosta Vavlas. Who else shows up for post-practice interviews in a silver silk shirt and purple tie?

KA: Tavarres King. Tavarres has always had a professional approach to his attire.

CK: Marlon Brown. The guy has some serious swagger.

Most spirited

DC: Shawn Williams. He brought some much-needed swagger to the defense last year.

RN: Brandon Burrows. Despite numerous injuries he keeps fighting to get back.

[+] EnlargeMitchell
Scott Cunningham/Getty ImagesCoaches have stated repeatedly that 'most athletic' receiver-turned-cornerback Malcolm Mitchell is one of the best defenders on the team.
KA: Christian Robinson. He has been a great ambassador for the Bulldogs through the last four years, and he showcases his passion for UGA on Twitter.

CK: Shawn Williams. Just watch him play.

Most athletic

DC: Jay Rome. Playing both basketball and football (even if he redshirted) as a freshman is pretty impressive.

RN: Malcolm Mitchell. The best receiver and the best cornerback, according to the staff.

KA: Malcolm Mitchell. He is a burner with outstanding leaping ability and body control. Watch out for Josh Harvey-Clemons in the future though, as he has Boss Bailey level athleticism.

CK: Malcolm Mitchell. The best wide receiver is now Georgia’s best cornerback.

Best hair

DC: T.J. Stripling. I don't think I've ever seen a football player with more hair.

RN: Christian Robinson. This week his faux-hawk has been bleached blond.

KA: T.J. Stripling. Stripling’s listed weight on the roster would likely be 5 pounds less if not for his flowing locks of hair, which he has maintained since high school.

CK: Isaiah Crowell. You’ve got to love the dreads.

Most likely to be President of the United States

DC: Aaron Murray. He's a friendly, charismatic kid and is already a pro at talking a lot and saying nothing.

RN: Arthur Lynch. Loves politics and will carry the northwest and the south easily.

KA: Ray Drew. Anyone who knows Drew knows he has the charm, charisma and the public speaking ability to lead his peers.

CK: Chris Burnette. Great guy.

Most dependable

DC: Christian Robinson. From a media perspective, he's our cleanup hitter. Understands what you're asking and gives thoughtful responses.

RN: Kenarious Gates. The coaches started leaning on him as a freshman and still do so now.

KA: Michael Bennett. Bennett has made several tough catches to extend drives, and could have the best hands on the team.

CK: Jarvis Jones. Brings 100 percent to every game.

Class clown

DC: Tavarres King. He tweeted a picture of John Jenkins sucking his thumb while taking a nap. Gutsy move to pull on a 335-pound man, but King can pull off that kind of stuff.

RN: Zander Ogletree. His mouth is picking up where Aron White’s left off.

KA: Garrison Smith. Always upbeat, Smith can get a group roaring with laughter at any given moment.

CK: Watts Dantzler.

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