Richt on SEC teleconference 

November, 2, 2011
Mark Richt addressed Georgia's running back situation -- following the suspensions of Isaiah Crowell, Carlton Thomas and Ken Malcome -- on the SEC coaches teleconference on Wednesday afternoon. Here is some of that Q&A session:

On accusations that Georgia pushed back punishment until after the Florida game:
My response is we’ve always had the utmost integrity in everything we do and we have policies in place in our Athletic Association that we follow to the T. That’s the case here and it’s been the case since I’ve been here at Georgia. We all know that we do our business the way it should be done and we do it with integrity. People who make comments and who don’t know probably shouldn’t, quite frankly, because they don’t know. I’d be able to prove 100 percent that they’re wrong, but I’m not going to spend the time doing that. But the bottom line is we have rules and we follow them to the T and we’ve got the utmost integrity in how we go about our business. That’s how we tried to build this program since the day I got here, and we’re not going to change for any reason.
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