Watch List DE Lorenzo Carter hitting trail 

October, 10, 2012
NORCROSS, Ga. -- Class of 2014 defensive end Lorenzo Carter is a two-sport star at Norcross (Ga.) High School. He is relatively new to the gridiron, but he believes that football offers him an outlet that he just can’t find on the hardwood.

“I just love hitting and in football I can’t foul out,” Carter said. “I get in foul trouble sometimes in basketball when I come out after playing football. I played some offense at my old school but my heart is on defense. I just want to hit.”

Lorenzo Carter
Radi Nabulsi/ESPN.comLorenzo Carter loves to play defense and has already visited Georgia. He's also planning a visit to Alabama.
Most football players talk about their love of hitting but only a few speak of it with the intensity Carter does. The 6-foot-6, 225-pound junior has turned his love of hitting into scholarship offers from Arkansas, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Miami, Penn State, Syracuse, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Other offers are likely on the way because of the blows Carter delivers, such as this one from the game against Parkview (Ga.) High School:
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