DawgNation Roundtable: Team issues 

July, 11, 2012
Going back one season, three players have left the Georgia football team only to return days later. This week linebacker Brandon Burrows followed in the steps of running back Ken Malcome and safety Marc Deas when he returned to Athens after asking for a transfer. Some players have transferred and not returned, while others have been dismissed for disciplinary issues. Add to those players the ones who have left early for the NFL or failed to qualify academically and Georgia heads into the season with just 75 players on scholarship. Five of those players are former walk-ons. With that in mind, we asked our staff and our readers the following DawgNation Roundtable discussion question:

"What in your opinion has led Georgia to having only 75 players on scholarship?"

David Ching: Georgia easily could have remedied its roster shortages under old recruiting rules that allowed a team to sign as many players as it wanted as long as it stayed under the 85-player limit. Over-signing rules introduced another element to the equation that made determining the size of signing classes more difficult. That made an impact at Georgia, as the Bulldogs have lost several players from their last several signing classes for various reasons (academic, disciplinary, playing time).
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