Richt sees better passing at scrimmage 

April, 7, 2012
ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia’s quarterbacks enjoyed greater success in Saturday’s scrimmage than perhaps at any point thus far in spring practice, but Coach Mark Richt said Aaron Murray and company’s passing statistics might have been a bit deceptive.

Since the quarterbacks are off limits for defensive players to tackle, it's often at the coaches' discretion to determine whether they have been sacked -- and the coaches prefer to let plays continue rather than blow them dead.

“I thought we threw it and caught it a lot better. It started out not very good at all, but as the scrimmage went on, more plays were made,” Richt said. “The other thing too, of course, you’re trying to make a judgment on whether a play would have been a sack or not and you try to err on the side of letting the ball get thrown, so there’s probably a few of those big plays that might have been sacks in a real game or a quarterback knockdown or a hurry.”
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